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Country of Origin


Dosage Form


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Cyproterone / Ethinyl Estradiol


Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)


Cipla Ltd


21 tablets in 1 strip


Cyproterone (2mg) + Ethinyl Estradiol (0.035mg)

Pack Size

21 Tablet/s, 42 Tablet/s, 84 Tablet/s


Each Ginette 35 Tablet coated tablet contains 2.0 mg Cyproterone Acetate and 0.035 mg Ethynylestradiol (In memo pack containing 21 coated tablets)


For the treatment of Androgen-dependent diseases in women, such as acne and mild forms of hirsutism

Dosage and method of administration for cyproterone

Oral Use

How to take Ginette?

Ginette is to be taken regularly in order to achieve the therapeutic efficacy and the required contraceptive protection. Previously used hormonal contraception should be discontinued. The dose regimen of Ginette is similar to the usual regimen of most of the combined oral contraceptives. Thus, the same administration rules must be considered. Combined oral contraceptives, when taken correctly, have a failure rate of approximately 1% per year. The irregular intake of Ginette can lead to intermenstrual bleeding and could deteriorate the therapeutic and contraceptive reliability.

Tablets must be taken in the order directed on the package every day at about the same time with some liquid as needed. One tablet is to be taken daily for 21 consecutive days. Each subsequent pack is started after a 7-day tablet -free interval.


If the user is less than 12 hours late in taking any tablet, contraceptive protection is not reduced. The women should take the tablet as soon as she remembers and should take further tablet at the usual time.

If she is more than 12 hours late in taking any tablet, contraceptive protection may reduced. The managment of missed tablets can be guided by the following two basic rules:

1. Taking Ginette must never be discontinued for longer than 7 days.
2. 7 days of uninterrupted tablet-taking are required to attain adequate suppression of the hypothalamic-pitutary-ovarian-axis.

If the woman missed tablets and subsequently has no withdrawal bleed in the first normal tablet-free interval, the possibility of a pregnancy should be considered.


Seek emergency medical attention, There have been no reports of serious deleterious effects from overdose. Symptoms that may occur in this case are: nausea, vomiting and, in young girls, slight vaginal bleeding. There are no antidotes and further treatment should be symptomatic.


Abnormal milky discharge from breast, Altered libido, Bleeding, Blisters on skin, Burning sensation, Decreased s**ual function, Decreased libido, Discoloration of skin, Increased hair growth, Impotence, Swelling of breast, Breast discomfort, Weight loss, Liver enzyme increased

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